Team Projects


SightBringer is a Sophomore team project created in a custom engine.

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Grav-Link is a Junior team project created in Unreal Engine.

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FPS Chess

FPSChess is a Senior team project created in Unreal Engine.

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Personal Projects


Path Tracing

A CPU path tracer using Micro facet BRDF with SIMD optimizations.

Deferred Shading

Custom obj model loader with objects rendered into G-Buffer.

Bounding Volumes

Custom BSP(Binary space partitioning) tree and Octree bounding volume generation.


Skeletal Animation

Hierarchical bone interpolation and bone weight blending.

Path traveling

Path interpolation with custom spline editor and various numerical integration methods

Inverse Kinematics

Using the CCD(cyclic coordinate descent) method for bottom up IK bone interpolation.


Covid Simulation

Covid Simulation with custom behavior tree implementation.

A* Path finding

A* & Dijkstra path finding with customizable heuristics and efficient smoothing/rubberbanding algorithm.

Interest Map generation

Openness, visibility and search propogation map generation with a simple hide & seek game


Sponge Man

Freshman year game made in a custom C engine, testing around with classic platformer abilities like jump height and run speed modifier, double jump, wall jump, dash, etc

Journey of Dandelion

Made in global game jam 2018 with Unity3D. A android platformer game that utilizes phone gyroscope and microphone functionalities.

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